Will My Calling Ever Be Clear?

“Clarity affords focus.” A quote by Thomas Leonard.  I agree with Mr. Leonard.  Clarity does bring focus.  Clarity brings the focus you need to get the results you want.  Only… clarity doesn’t always come easily for me.  How about you?  For me… gaining clarity has been about as easy as The Dallas Cowboys getting to the Super Bowl.  (and we lament…)

However, once you DO gain clarity…. well can I just say… the world changes.  Okay, that’s a bit dramatic.  But when you gain clarity what you’re able to do changes.  Here’s what I mean…

Without clarity you’re like a car mired in the mud spinning its wheels.  You move up a little then you roll back.  You gain a little then you’re right back where you started.  It’s frustrating.

I mentioned in my last blog post, Help when You’re Waiting on an Answer, the frustration I felt trying to figure out the direction God wanted me to take in this new season of ministry.  Here’s what was frustrating…

I didn’t have clarity.

I knew God wanted me to speak to women.

I knew God wanted me to write blog and a book.

I knew I wanted to help women.

I knew there were women who wanted God’s help.

I knew I could be the link between the two.

I knew it all had something to do with ministry, passion and purpose.

What I didn’t know was how to do it.

I didn’t know how God wanted me to bring it all together so it made sense to you – my readers – my audience – and how to help you best.

But those two words God spoke to me… brought the clarity I needed.  And here’s what happened…

The fog lifted.

Since the fog has lifted… since I have gained the clarity I needed with my message…

The solutions and the opportunities have flowed through my mind like water flowing through a sieve.  I can think clearly.  Things I struggled to figure out suddenly became easy.

For instance, I was having a difficult time with some of the technical things on my blog.  After I had gained clarity about the direction my ministry was to take, I sat down one day and easily figured out everything that had previously baffled me.

Now look, I can’t explain it – seeing as how one has nothing to do with the other – the direction of ministry has nothing to do with technical blogging issues – those frustrations have nothing to do with one another – except for the fact that when God opens the floodgate and lets the clarity flow… it flows to more than just one area!  It’s a God-thing!

Since I gained clarity in the direction of my ministry, there has been an ease to what I’m doing.  The striving has lifted.  The confusion is gone.  And doors are opening…

Why am I telling you this?

Because I know there are many of you in the same place I was.  You’re trying to figure out what God has called you to do.  Some of  you have figured out what God has called you to do but you don’t know how to go about doing it.

You just want clarity.  

Friend, this is not my first rodeo with the whole I-have-no-clarity issue.  Every time God has led me into a new season of ministry I felt like I was back to square one with no clarity.  And square one feels so BIG!

But listen… I must reiterate, have patience and persevere and God will give you the clarity you need.  And when He does… you’ll be like… “Why didn’t I see this before?!  It’s so obvious now!”

Seriously.  That’s exactly how I felt when God lifted the veil and I could see my purpose clearly.  It was so clear I couldn’t believe I had missed it.

Look, if you give up because it’s too hard, because you don’t have it all figured out, and you don’t know where to start, you’ll never move forward in the calling God has on your life.  Just make sure you’ve done the last thing God told you to do… then wait on Him for the next thing.

You have to go through this time of waiting.  Persevering.  Asking.  Seeking.  Listening.  Staying determined.


It’s during this time that you grow.  It’s during this struggle that God, behind the scenes, moves everything into place for you.


I know it looks foggy.  I know you want to see clearly.  Just keeping moving forward and you’ll eventually run right into your answer.

The fog doesn’t last forever.  So outlast the fog.

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