Who Else Wants the Courage Lead?

You don’t have to be a bible teacher to lead a bible study.  But there is one thing you can’t lead a bible study without…

My friend Lori and I were on our second mile rounding the track when she told me about a bible study she had led.  The study was called Run for God.  Lori has a passion for running and invited other women with the same passion to attend this informal study.  What caught my attention in our conversation, was Lori’s admission that she didn’t feel qualified to lead the bible study.

Her statement caught my attention because that’s exactly how I have felt time and time again.  Not only that, as I talk to other women, they share the same feeling of inadequacy.  For some reason we have this idea that we have to have a theological degree, 200 scripture verses memorized, know the order of the books of the bible and be able to explain complex facets of eschatology.

If I had to wait until I felt adequate to lead a bible study, I never would have taught my first lesson.  If Lori had waited until she felt qualified, those women wouldn’t have had that time of study and encouragement.

So how is it we can look beyond our inadequacies, jump in and do what we fear?  We can do it if we have one thing.  Love.  We can do things that are uncomfortable and scary if we take our focus off our weaknesses and focus on loving people.


When your love for people is greater than your fear of being inadequate, you’ll have the courage to lead.  You’ll teach that class because you love people and want them to learn how to live for God.  You’ll get to know your neighbor because your love for her is greater than your fear of her. You’ll accept the assignment God has placed on your heart because you love the people your obedience will touch.

I want Lori to know I’m proud of her.  That I applaud her courage to step out and do what was uncomfortable so she could share the message of hope with other women.  Truly, her love cast out her fear.

Friends, let’s learn from Lori’s example.  Let’s see people instead of our perceived weakness.  Let’s take a step and do what’s difficult.  If we do, we’ll make a difference in our own world and the world of those around us.  That’s what it takes to live out God’s plan.  Obedience.  And love.

Go for it, dear friend.  Listen to God’s plan.  Obey His voice.  Muster your courage.

Let love lead you and leave your fear behind.

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