What’s In Your Hand?

Using What You Have for Ministry

What’s in your hand?  Okay, maybe not right at this moment… but what’s often in your hand?  A pen?  A phone?  A sewing needle?  A shovel?  A Bible?  A microphone?  A guitar?  A wrench?  A dollar?  A mixer?

Many years ago, I was praying with some friends, and one of my friends said that during her prayer God asked her a question.  The question was, “What’s in your hand?”.  God wanted to use her in a particular ministry and He wanted her to notice what was in her hand.  The thing that was in her hand would be how God would use her.

Now, there was nothing tangible in her hand at that moment but God would place something – maybe something physical or something spiritual – in her hand.  For instance it could have been that God was going to use her in the gift of healing where she would lay hands on people, pray and see them healed.  Or maybe it was a stethoscope and occupation of nurse that God may want her to see as her ministry.  Maybe both.

I thought of that today when I thought of the various things God has used for ministry in my own life.  Here are some of the things God has placed in my hands for ministry…

  • A husband to come alongside and be a helper to.
  • Two boys to raise to be godly young men.
  • A home where I’ve nurtured family and friends.
  • A bass guitar I played in church.
  • A microphone for singing and speaking.
  • A Bible to preach Jesus.
  • Prayer to intercede for the need of others.
  • Storage containers to help others organize their homes – yes – that was ministry.
  • A computer to write a blog to encourage others.
  • A cell phone to make on-the-spot LIVE VIDEOS that I cannot edit and take all my mess-ups out of.  ?  I’ll get back to this one in a moment.  But first…

Let me ask you…

What’s in your hand?  What has God placed in your hands to use for ministry?  Is it some of the things I mentioned?  It could be a TON of different things.  If you’re searching for the ministry God has for you, notice what God has already placed in your hands.

Maybe your ministry is something you’re already doing but you haven’t looked at it through a lens of ministry.  Maybe you need to change your view and ask God to show you how what you’re already doing could be ministry.

Maybe your ministry is a hobby, a job, a skill, or a talent you already possess and are already doing, have interest in, or have done in the past.  Maybe?

What I know is this…

God uses what’s in our hands.  If it’s not in your hands… it’s not your ministry.  Not to say that it will never be in your hands and never be your ministry.  But if it’s not there right now, it’s not your ministry right now.  Make sense?

God only uses us in what He gives us.  We can’t be used in what we don’t have, right?

It’s like where the Apostle Paul told the Corinthian Church,

“Here is my advice:  It would be good for you to finish what you started a year ago.  Last year you were the first who wanted to give, and you were the first to begin doing it.  Now you should finish what you started.  Let the eagerness you showed in the beginning be matched now by your giving.  Give in proportion to what you have.  Whatever you give is acceptable if you give it eagerly.  And give according to what you have, not what you don’t have.”  2 Corinthians 8:10-12

Paul is talking about financial giving here but the same principle applies.  You can’t give what you don’t have.  So look at what you do have and give – serve – minister – out of that.  It’s a good place to start anyway.  Don’t you think?

Now let’s go back to verse 10 and look at Paul’s first advice: “It would be good for you to finish what you started…”

Have you done the last thing God told you to do?  That’s the first place to start when trying to find your ministry.  God is not going to call you to something or equip you to do something if you’re not faithful to what He’s already called and equipped you for.

I’m in the place of “finish what you started”  or “do the last thing God told you to do”.  That thing is write the book.  So, I’m currently writing a book to help women find the ministry to which God has called them.  In conjunction with that, God has placed something else in my hand that I know will connect with the book when it is published.

Live Videos.

Many of you have watched and shared my live videos and commented that they are helping you in some area of your life.  That encourages me!  Thank you!!!

I see this obvious tool in my hand so, y’all, I’m amping it up!

Here’s what I’m doing…

  • Every Tuesday at 8 p.m. I’m going live on my Facebook Page!  (My Page is different than my profile.  Go to Facebook.com/gwen.rutz). The broadcast is called “What Did God Say?”.  I’ll usually have guests on at this time.  This broadcast is named after the book I’m writing which you will want to get as soon as it comes out!  ?  (more on a time frame later)
  • Every Monday – Friday morning I’m doing a short Live Video called Inspiration on-the-Go.  Some of y’all have been watching this already.
  • On location videos when the mood strikes me – just because they’re fun.  (In an upcoming broadcast I’ll explain why I’m doing live videos vs pre-recorded videos.  It’s because I have this weird thing about me, but… we’ll discuss that later)

So, friends,  my dear, faithful friends… here’s what I’m asking you to do…

Help me get the word out about these LIVE VIDEOS.  How?  Glad you asked.  When we’re on a Live Video…

  • LIKE – Because you want to let me know I’m not a loser.
  • LOVE – Or whatever reaction you want to choose at the moment – do it lots!
  • COMMENT – It let’s me know what I’m saying resonates with you.
  • SHARE – Way important!  It gives your friends an opportunity to join us.
  • FOLLOW – This sends you notifications in your Newsfeed so you know we’re on.
  • SIGN-UP – Hit that button my Facebook Page so you can SUBSCRIBE to my blog posts and always know when we’re going LIVE!

I’m excited about the response I’ve been getting to the videos.  Y’all are awesome!  Thank you for watching.  I’m just trying to use what’s in my hands, folks!

I hope you take what’s in your hand today and listen to the way God directs you to use it.  He’s placed something in your hand.  And He’s given you everything you need to make a significant difference for Jesus.  So go for it, friend!  Make a difference!

See you Tuesday night!

Feature photo by: Michael W. May

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