What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?

Breaking out of our routine and doing things we’ve never done before may be uncomfortable but I think it’s essential.  In the past ten months I have found myself doing things I never imagined I’d do.  These may be things you do all the time.  (I guess I’m a little behind)  But I’m just discovering them.

I’m a fairly adventurous person.  But in some things… I like the familiar.  (particularly where my tastebuds are concerned)  Here are 10 things I’d never done before… until now.

  1. Bought beef stew meat.  We hunt deer so I never had a need.  Until now.
  2. Ate grilled asparagus.
  3. Ate habenero salsa.
  4. Ate asado.
  5. Ate an egg on an enchilada. (seriously, I can’t believe I tried this – it sounds so gross – but it was good)
  6. Tried ghost pepper salt. (that was stupid – don’t do it – it’s hotter than a habenero)
  7. Started learning Spanish (can you tell I’ve made many Hispanic friends?)
  8. Live in an RV.
  9. Started doing laundry in a laundry mat. (I actually find it nice to have it all done at once – found a bright side)
  10. Moved away from my kids.  (by far the hardest one)

These things range from incosequential (#1) to life-chaning (#10).  But what I’ve learned is that new things (like asado) can be good.   And I learned that the hard things (like moving away from my kids) won’t kill me.  They’re just hard.

Why is it important to do things you’ve never done before?

Because it’s far too easy to get comfortable with life and what you’ve always known.  It’s far too easy to give in to the fear of the unknown and just stay on the couch.  (or keep eating the same 10 foods)  There is so much more to  experience.  Each new experience (the easy ones and the hard ones) teaches you something about yourself.  You find new strengths.  And new weaknesses.  But you grow.

You can’t help but grow when you allow yourself to experience new things.  On top of that it makes life interesting and adventurous.

I’m getting adventurous with my tastebuds now but there are so many more new experiences I want to explore.  (like skydiving and going up in a hot air balloon)

I encourage you to find something you’ve never done before and go for it.  Challange yourself to expand your horizons.  Break out of your comfort zone.  Conquer your fear.  And see what new experiences will enhance your life.

I’d love for you to leave a comment below and tell me what you would do if you weren’t afraid.

Go for it!

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2 thoughts on “What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?

  1. Gwen I enjoyed this. 1. I would learn to swim. 2. Run along distance run ( afraid I might trip n fall) 3. To see if I can still do a cartwheel. Lol 4. Climb a mountain. That’s all I can think of right now. Lol I love hot peppers of all kinds but not sure if I tried the ones you mentioned. Started with a A. I live in a rv, I am like you hard to live away from the kids. Thanks for your postings. Love ya