What Does It Mean to be Strong?

“God has surrounded me with strong women.” A statement made by Rita one of my closest friends who works alongside me in ministry.  I’ve thought a lot about that statement since she said it.  And my thoughts led to this question, “Does a strong woman always feel strong?”.

Rita and I, along with a couple others friends, recently attended a Propel Women meeting in Oklahoma City at the Devon Boathouse.  The venue was beautiful.  The appetizers were delicious.  And the panel speakers were women with whom you’d love to share a cup of hot tea and hear more of their stories.  The inspiration was thick in the room.

After two panel discussions, Emmy-nominated and national award-winning journalist Robin Marsh (pictured above) of CBS News 9 took the podium.    It was the first time I’d heard her speak in this setting and she is as gracious as she is beautiful. (Not to mention she has great hair.)

Robin was generous with praise for the courageous women who had spoken before her about overcoming adversity. Then Robin began to speak about the adversity she faced in her own life.  She spoke with such strength and conviction.  Such humility and love.  Listening to her, my thoughts again pondered the question, “Does a strong woman always feel strong?”

I would love to sit down with Robin and find out how she would answer that question.  From her message, I can guess.  I don’t know if any strong woman always feels strong.

But then… is “strong” a feeling?   I don’t think so.  I think strong is a knowing.  Strong is a conviction.  Strong is being confident in your calling.  Strong is knowing what God has called you to do and you do it no matter how you feel.  Strong.  Weak.  You do it because God said.  Not because you feel like it.  That’s strong.

Strong is what you are when you least feel it yet you be it anyway.

If being strong was dependent on feeling strong, many, if not most, of us would be about as strong as a cheap paper towel soaked in water.  The minute pressure was applied we’d fall apart.  But thank God our strength isn’t dependent on how we feel.

Our strength is dependent on what we know.  We know we’re God’s child.  And we know we’re called.  We’re called to a specific purpose and a specific place in life.  It’s that knowing that keeps us going even when we don’t feel it.

Am I strong?  Yes.

Do I always feel strong?  Nope.


My sister-in-law Dora, Me, Diane & Rita snapping the selfie. = )

But then I attend a meeting like the one at the Boathouse where I’m surrounded by strong women and I hear their stories.  I see the pain on their faces.  The hurt in their eyes as they relive their struggle to help the rest of us overcome ours.  Did they feel strong going through it?  Not always.  Were they strong going through it?  Undoubtedly, yes.

My Friend… hear me.  Today… if you are God’s child… you are strong.  Forget about what you feel.  Ask yourself what you know.  If you know you’re God’s child then He says you are strong.

“For Christ’s sake… when I am weak, then I am strong.”  2 Corinthians 12:10

“Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power.”  Ephesians 6:10

God would not call you to anything He would not give you the strength to do.  It doesn’t matter how you feel.  It matters Whose you are… and what you know.

You are His.  And you are strong.



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