What Do People Think When They See You?

I wonder who people associate me with when they see me.  Do you ever wonder that?

Coming back from Cuba, on my flight from Houston to Midland, (it was a cozy flight) there was a group of tall men sitting together all around me.  They were talking about athletes and the business of sports.  From what they were saying and their height, I guessed that they are recruiters for a basketball program.  I don’t know that for certain, but their appearance and conversation make it reasonable.

In my Year Through the Bible reading, I was reading the fourth chapter of Acts and found verse thirteen particularly interesting.

“The members of the council were amazed when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, for they could see that they were ordinary men with no special training in the Scriptures.  They also recongnized them as men who had been with Jesus. (NLT)

Peter and John were easily recognizable as men who had been with Jesus.  Like the men on my flight, how they carried themselves and how they spoke, gave people around them a glimpse into their lives and who they associated with – aside from the fact that they were seen with Him.

Again, I wonder who people associate me with when they see me.  My intention, is that they associate me with Jesus.  My desire is that my words and actions will make it obvious that I have been with Jesus.

However, I must confess that there are times that if people could see inside my mind and hear my thoughts, they would wonder.  Some of our RV neighbors tend to holler and they share their music with the whole RV Park late at night.  My thoughts aren’t very Jesus-like when we’re leaving the RV at 7:30 in the morning and I want to have a loud conversation with Troy outside and turn up my Hillsong CD with windows rolled down as we drive off to church.

Pitiful ain’t it?  It’s terrible to have to admit that I have such tendencies.  But… I guess that’s the nature of crucifying the flesh. (which I seem to have to do regularly)

I know that giving someone a taste of their own medicine – being vengeful – isn’t a good representation of Jesus.  So… I bite my tongue.  I don’t want people to see the me that I’m trying to get rid of.  I want people to see the Jesus that I want to be like.  I know that when I crucify my flesh, there is less of me and more of Him.  If there is more of Jesus than me, others will see Him before they see me.  That’s much better.

Can you relate to that?

I think it’s safe to say that we all need more of Jesus.  The people around us need Jesus.  And we want the people around us to easily associate us with having been with Jesus.

To make that happen, we must stay in the Word and be constant in prayer.  I know you’ve heard that before.  And I know it sounds simple.  But isn’t it good that it’s simple?  If we want to be associated with Jesus, then, simply put, we must associate with Jesus.

I hope today that we all spend time in the Word and in prayer.  And I hope today that when people see us, it is easy for them to see that we have been Jesus.

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