What Did God Say?

I’d have to say this is the single most important question I repeatedly ask myself –  “What did God say?”  When I begin to wonder if I’m doing the right thing or going in the right direction, I always come back to this one question, What did God say?

If I know the answer to that question, it takes away the doubts, fears, insecurities and confusion.  I don’t pretend to know God’s answers for everything.  But there are things that I do know.  Things that God has told me about my life and my purpose on this earth.  When I get a little confused about those things, I ask myself, “Yeah, but Gwen, What did God say?”

Your own self will try to talk you out of things or into things.  The people around you will try to tell you what you are supposed to do and not supposed to do.  Society will try to dictate what you should think and what you should not think.  Well-meaning fellow-believers will try to tell you what God has called you to do and what He hasn’t called you to do.  But my question to you is…

What did God say?

If you base your decisions on your own ideas or other people’s opinions, then you can be talked out of them when those ideas or opinions change. You can be talked into and out of decisions.  It’s a fickle foundation.

But when you base your decisions on what God said, then you nobody can talk you out of it.  Not even yourself.  You know in your heart what God says and that knowing drives you to obey God’s word to you.

There are things that you know God said to you.  Hang on to those things and keep believing in them. When you begin to have doubts, fear and confusion, step back and ask yourself the question, “But what did God say?”  If you know that, you’ll be unshakeable, unmovable, and steadfast in your resolve.  Onward!

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