We’ve Reached Our New Normal

We’re finally here!  It’s taken us about 16 months… but we’ve made it.  After 14 months of living in an RV and Troy working the worst schedule on the planet,  then coming home and neither of us having a job for almost 2 months and having absolutely no schedule, obligations or commitments… we’ve made it.  We’ve made it all the way back.  Back to normal.  (and it’s good to be back)

I’ve been looking forward to getting back to a normal life.  (Not to be confused with life-as-usual.  This has more of a complacent tone completely void of any adventure whatsoever.  And as you may know… I’m always looking for adventure.)

Though I’m not fond of “life-as-usual”, I do like a life that’s normal.  Of course, normal is relevative.  What’s normal for me may not be normal for you.  And, likewise, what’s normal for you may not be normal for me.

I’m a big fan of normal and I function best with normal.  To me, normal is knowing what I’m going to do everyday.  Normal is having a routine.  Normal is planning.  Normal is predictal with a side of flexible.  I’m not a “fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants” random kind of girl at all.  Can you tell?  If I’m going to do something spontaneous, I plan it first.

But today… today we become normal again.   And today we’ve reached our new normal because…


I can’t tell you how much I have loved having him home.  He’s worked so hard catching up on all the things on our property that we didn’t get done before we took off for Texas.  We’ve spent all of everyday together and we’ve had a great time.  So… that part I will miss.

But… now that he’s off to his new normal, I can start my new normal.  I’m ecstatic over it because I’m in a great place in life to do something I’ve had on my heart to do for several years.  Yesterday’s conversation at lunch with a group of ladies confirmed to me (again) that now is the time.

Now is the time to start writing.  I’ve written sermons for years.  I’ve written my blog for over a year.  And I write in my journal… not as much as I should.

But now… now I plan to write a book.

Several years ago an evangelist came to minister at our church.  I distinctly remember sitting on the steps of the platform and he was sitting in front of me.  He said, “Gwen, God has put a book inside of you and you’re going to write it.”  He didn’t know that God had already spoken to me about that very thing.

Then in March I was asked by an author I highly respect and admire when I was going to write a book.  I told her that it was something I wanted to do and she offered to help me.  Seriously?  I was blown away!

I’ve prayed about the timing.  And the timing is now.

So, as Troy starts his new normal at DCP Midstream, I will start my new normal and write.  I have much to learn and much to do.  But with the help of the Holy Spirit and an amazing author and friend… I will do it.

As I devote my time to writing, I pray for God to lead me so that what I write will encourage women and give them the tools to step into the ministries God has designed for them.

I’m extrememly grateful for a life that has been returned to normal.  Because of it, I can help others by sharing my ministry journey that has been… not so normal.

Here we go…

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One thought on “We’ve Reached Our New Normal

  1. I’m So excited about this. Your going to do great and will be the best book out there. Proud of you n love toy so much