Two Words to Say About 2015

The house was dark.  The winter storm had stolen our power.  I paced back in forth in front of the wood stove as I prayed.   Occasionally turning up the wick on the oil lamp there was one thought at the forefront of my mind…

I’m thankful.

As I thought about the events of this past year, I couldn’t be anything but thankful.

  • My immediate reason for being thankful was that I had heat in my otherwise powerless house.  But there was so much more to be thankful for.  In 2015…
  • I served as Associate Pastor at Elevate Church and was part of a tremendous move of God.
  • God took me to Cuba to show me the revival of the church and confirmed his eye on my life and hand on my ministry.
  • He connected me with amazing mentors that have spoken into my life.
  • He brought us home to our family.
  • We were home for the birth of our grandson Archer Oak.
  • The door opened for Troy’s job at the perfect time.
  • Doors have opened for ministry at the church I previously pastored.  Because God and my brother Pastor Dwight are awesome.  

The transition of leaving a thriving ministry in Texas and coming home not knowing where I could serve was a difficult transition.  I just didn’t know where I belonged.  But as I look back over the past year, every step from Texas back home was ordained of God and led me to the place of ministry where I serve today.  Not to leave you hanging but… I’ll tell you more about that later.  

Looking back over 2015… I’m thankful.  So very thankful.

I’m reminded of the 10 ten lepers that were healed and only one went back to thank Jesus for healing for him.  The leper was so overcome with gratitude that he had to go back and thank Jesus.  His life was changed.  His future was changed.  The possibilities for his life had, in one moment, become limitless!  The leper was no longer limited by a disease that had taken his future.  He had to say thank you! (Luke 17:11-19)

I feel the same way.  I’m thankful there are no limits on the what can be.  I’m thankful God has his eye on every part of my life.  I’m thankful God’s hand moves me into the place He wants to use me.  I’m thankful that He’s orchestrating it even when I can’t see it.  He’s guiding even when I feel like I’m standing still.  I’m just so thankful.

What are you thankful for?

Look back at 2015.  What comes to mind for which you can say thank you, Jesus?  Maybe the year had challenges.  Don’t they all?  Some more than others.  But still.  There is something to be thankful for.

  • Did God save you?
  • Did God restore you?
  • Did God provide for you?
  • Did God make a way when there was no way?
  • Did God heal you or your family member?
  • Did God spare you from tragedy?
  • Did God keep you through tragedy?
  • Did God give you peace in tragedy?
  • Did God reveal His Word, presence or plan to you?

What happened in 2015 that brings gratitude to your heart?  There is something, I know.  Take a few moments at the close of the year.  Reflect on the events and see what stands out in your mind.  I believe you will find something for which you can turn your face to God and say, “That was You.  Thank You.”

Till next year…


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