Two Ways to Get Unstuck In Your Head

In the evenings, Troy and I like to take a drive on the backroads and look for wildlife.

A month or so ago when we were having a deluge of rain, the dirt roads behind the house were flooded in many places.  The grandkids loved it when we would go through the muddy water.  They were just hoping we’d get stuck.  Their papa would tell them if we got stuck they were walking back to the house.  They didn’t care.  Of course, they had no idea how far from the house we were.  They just wanted to get muddy.  We never got stuck and I was glad.

The reason we never got stuck, along with Troy’s expert driving abilities, was because we had 4-wheel drive.   Four-wheel drive gives your truck more power when it’s in a jam.

That’s exactly how I see my Daily Disciplines.  Did you think I forgot about them?  These Daily Disciplines really work to keep me out of a jam but when I find myself in one… they’re exactly the tools that get me out.  Consequently, when I find myself in a jam, sometimes it’s because I wasn’t giving enough attention to one of these disciplines.  Honestly, sometimes we create our own problems by not doing what we know to do.  Let’s move on…

The two disciplines I wrote about in the previous posts were exercise and Bible reading.  If you haven’t already, check those out.

Today you get a two for one deal. Numbers 3 and 4 in one post.  Here we go…

Daily Discipline #3 – Prayer

You knew that would end up on the list didn’t you?  How can it not?  How can we go a day without prayer?  Prayer for me is the reaon I function.  I need prayer just so I don’t get bogged down in life.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have a great life.  Wouldn’t trade it for anyone’s.  But even a great life has its “moments”.

When life gets crazy stressful, prayer is my life-line.  Prayer changes my focus from my difficulty to my God.  When I see my God and how big He is, my difficulty begins to shrink and the stress begins to dissolve.  Seriously.  It really works that way.  Prayer is like the extra power that the 4-wheel drive gives the truck.  Prayer is the power I need to not get stuck in shallow, mediocre, faithless thinking.

Daily Discipline #4 – Reading

This isn’t reading the Bible.  I already covered that.  Do that.  Read the Bible.  It’s extremely important.  But I also read other people’s books.  I read a lot of instructional and biographical books.  I used to read a lot of fiction.  But now… not so much… at all, really.  There’s too much true to life material to read that I don’t seem to find time for fiction.  But you go ahead.  Knock yourself out.  Just read.

Reading allows you to draw on the wisdom and experience of others.  It also helps us learn from others’ mistakes.  You can read someone else’s ideas and God may speak to you about how a similar idea may work for you.  You can read someone else’s personal experience and be encouraged to persevere or take a step of faith.  Reading gives you limitless avenues to expand your horizons, learn and grow.

One of the best books I’ve read recently is called “Unbelieveable Yet True” by Theresa D’Souza with Barbara Cavaness.


I recommend this book to everyone. I have a downloaded copy and a paperback I share with friends.

This book is so amazing I read it twice and skimmed though it once.  I will read it again, too.  Theresa Greenhough’s story inspires me to want to hear God in a greater way.  I love a book that moves me to action!  I encourage you to go to Amazon and download the book as soon as you finish reading this.  Trust me.  Do it.

I’d love to give you the last discipline right now.  It’s helped me A LOT!  But… I think I’ve taken up enough of your time.  So I’ll just leave you with the added disciplines of prayer and reading.  If you haven’t made these a part your daily disciplines, you might give them a try.  They’re sure to change your life.  Really.

If prayer and reading are something you struggle with, take it one day at time.  One chapter or one page at a time.  And just see how God will speak to you and give you the power you need to get unstuck if you are.  Honestly.  It will change your life.  Forever.

Next time…

The newest and extremely helpful addition to my Daily Disciplines.

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