This One Thought Makes Me Feel Better…

In my prayer time this morning I was thanking God for being so kind, so patient, so loving, so understanding, so forgiving.  Wait.  Back up.  So what?  Understanding?  Hmmmm….  Understanding….  Yes!

Thank you, God, for being so understanding!  Just hearing myself say that comforts me!  It makes me think… God understands me!  He really does!  I don’t even understand me.  But God does!  How awesome is that!  Then it dawned on me…

That’s what makes Him so forgiving!  He’s able to forgive us because He understands us.

Personally, for me, it makes it a whole lot easier to forgive someone for an offense if I can understand the reason for it.  Often those reasons have nothing to do with me but are a result of some other issue.  But anyway…

God understands why we do the things we do.  He understands the evil world we live in.  He understands that there is a serious battle being waged for our very eternal souls.  He understands that satan wants to wound the heart of God by drawing us away and convincing us to make bad decisions.

God understands that.


God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life (John 3:16) – so He forgave us.  God understands us and forgives us!

God understands why we go astray.  He understands why we don’t obey.  I don’t fully understand it but God does.  And He’s so understanding that He’s forgiving.  (when we ask for forgiveness – you have to ask for it) I’m so glad.  I’m so glad that God understands us and He loves us so much that He’s just waiting to forgive us.

When we don’t understand ourselves… God does.  When we can’t forgive ourselves.  God can.  If God can… we can.  Sometimes we can’t forgive ourselves because we don’t even understand ourselves.  We don’t know why we do the things we do.  We just know we’re not worthy of God’s love.  But God thinks differently than we do.  He made us worthy of His love.

Look, you don’t have to understand you.  And you don’t have to understand why God wants to love you and forgive you.  Just believe that He does and accept His forgiveness.  It will seriously change your life.  Forever.

Do it.  Believe Him.  Accept Him.  And move on.


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