Things Can Go Right Even when They Go Wrong

The launch of Propel Women in our area was a success!  (even though we almost burned down the church…)

At our launch last night, we had too many gourmet pizzas in boxes stuffed in the oven to keep warm and one of the boxes caught fire.  My sister-in-law Dora saw the smoke billowing from the oven, opened the door and when she saw the fire in the oven she grabbed the burning pizza boxes with her BARE HANDS to pull them out!  Amazingly enough, she did not get burned!

So… not only was the actual meeting a success, we experienced a miracle and the salvation of our church and no one was harmed – not even Dora!  (What would we do if the Lord didn’t watch out for us???)

If I may go on with things that went wrong…

We printed name tags for each woman.  I peeled Dora’s name tag off the paper and went to stick it on her but it had no stick to it.  I felt the paper I had peeled it from – the blank paper – and it was sticky.  I had printed on the wrong side of the paper!  The name tags were useless.  Ugh!

Shall I go on….

I thought it was odd that our books for the meeting had not arrived. When I inquired about their whereabouts, I was told there was a misprint and the books were on backorder.  That meant no books for our launch meeting.  Things happen.

I’ll admit that I was discouraged things were not going perfectly.  Then I thought about something…

  1.  We’re not doing this to impress people.  We’re doing this to impact people.  We can work through this.  A name tag, the smell of smoke or a missing book is not likely to affect how the meeting would impact people.  (unless we had caught them on fire – that would’ve had a major impact)

So how can I say the meeting was a success after our failures?




Because I listened as women talked about their desires, their struggles, their passions, their families, their jobs, their ministries their pasts and their futures.  I heard them encourage one another and cheer one another on.




I listened as one young mother talked about her guilt for leaving small children with a sitter to go to work and I listened as another talked about her guilt for not going to work.  The women at our tables listened to one another, encouraged one another and loved on one another.  How could that be anything but a success?  And… when it was all said and done, the women were very generous in their compliments about the meeting.  We’re glad they’re looking forward to coming back!



We mustn’t let our desire to impress people (or have everything perfect) overshadow the fact that our real purpose in fulfilling what God has called us to do is to impact people.  We don’t need perfection to impact people.  We don’t need approval or applause to impact people.  We need obedience to God and love for people.  If we have those things we will make an impact as we fulfill our purpose.



Dear friends, don’t let anything stop you from doing what God has called you to do.  Don’t get discouraged when things go wrong.  Remember that God chose you for such a time as this and He’ll work with all that you bring in surrender to Him.  We’re not working to impress people.  We’re working to impact people for the kingdom of God.  I’d say that’s a more lasting goal – even if you almost burn down the church.

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One thought on “Things Can Go Right Even when They Go Wrong

  1. “We mustn’t let our desire to impress people (or have everything perfect) overshadow the fact that our real purpose in fulfilling what God has called us to do is to impact people.” Thank you for this wonderful encouragement! I’m so glad I read this today. Thank you.