The Time Has Come For Us To Go

I can’t even believe I’m writing this post.  Seriously.  It doesn’t seem real.  Fifteen months living in an RV Park, you’d think we’d be itching to go.  But when the time actually comes… well, it’s just hard. We are ready to leave the RV Park…. but we love Elevate Church and hate to leave them.  That’s the hard part.  They’re not just a church. They’re people we love. (I get so attached to people) But… the time has come… so here we go…

In March when I was in Cuba, a woman at one of the house church meetings came up to me after church and said that she was praying for me and God wanted me to know that He was getting ready to open doors.  Sure enough.  As soon as I got back, doors began to open.  The first one was an open door to a project that I’ve been praying about for years.   I’ll share more about that another time.

The next two open doors were job opportunities for Troy.  We thought maybe we’d move to Midland when Troy’s job in Pecos was over.  We love the church and I love my ministry as Associate Pastor there.  To be a part of what God is doing at Elevate Church has been the thrill of a lifetime.  The people of Elevate have changed us forever!  We LOVE you! (and that’s an understatement)

But, about the time Troy was ready to make the job change, the jobs here in West Texas starting drying up.  Then a job back home in Seiling was coming open.  While we were waiting on that job to officially open, I got an email from a dear friend in the Tulsa area asking if Troy would be a good fit for a particular job.  So…

Now Troy is looking at two really good job opportunities in Oklahoma.  We know we’re going back to Oklahoma.  We’re just not sure to where at this point.  Seiling.  Or Broken Arrow.  God knows and He’ll direct us.  All we want is God’s perfect will.

Troy is currently on his last nightshift.  EVER!  When he gets off at 6 a.m. Tuesday  morning, April 21st…. he’ll be done!  I’ll be so glad when he’s no longer working this crazy schedule.  It’s been very hard on him but he never complains.  (he’s just not a complainer at all)

My mama and daddy are coming to pull our RV back for us this week. (our truck’s not heavy enough) We’ll get to be with our Elevate Church family Wednesday night for our last service then we’ll pull out Thursday morning and head home.

I’m so ready to see my family!  I miss my kids, grandkids and our parents and the rest of our family terribly!  Mama told me the other day that she saw our oldest granddaughter Emily kiss my picture.  ((tears))  I think they miss us as much as we miss them!

God has blessed us so much here in West Texas.  And we’re so thankful for the time that we have had here. At Elevate Church in particular.

Elevate Church will always hold a very special place in our hearts. So I’d like to take the time to acknowledge just a few of the special people God has brought into our lives during our time here…

Pastors Sheldon and Sarah Riley – thank you for being such amazing pastors and so wonderful to minister with.  You took us right in and gave us the freedom to minister as we felt led.  We truly appreciate the trust and confidence you have placed in us.  You’re doing a great job!

Pastors Trenton and Jessica Herald – We are so excited for you as you start your new life as newlyweds!  Always stay newlyweds! (that’s our secret to success)  Trenton, thank you for being obedient to the moving of the Holy Spirit as you move us into the presence of the Lord through worship.  You have a gift and you steward it beautifully.

Elevate Worship Team – you all are the best!  I loved leading worship with you.  Each of you blessed me!  Adrian, thank you for every time you said, “Oh yeah, we can do this.”  You encouraged me.

Our Bible Study Groups – thank you for your faithfulness to attend and your hunger for the Word of God.  We have grown together.

Elevate Women – you rock!  It was such a pleasure to be your leader.  You are such a beautiful group of women and I have loved getting to know each of you.  You bless me!

Troy and I have made so many good friends and we cherish you all dearly.  To each of you we give a heartfelt “thank you” and a hug!  Though I can’t list you all, there is one family that I have to acknowledge.

The Lara Family –


Easter Sunday. Paul and Martha, we love you!

The first time we attended Elevate Church, Martha and Paul came and greeted us.  (they were new to the church as well)  From day one we hit it off.  Paul, Martha, Vanessa, Aly, Nathan and Josh have been our family away from family.  (and will always be our family)  They have cooked us the most delicious meals, spent lots of time with us at Baskin Robbins and many other parking lots because we can talk forever!   And they have also given us our own room at their house so we could stay in town whenever we needed to. (we will come back to visit so don’t give our room away) You’re friendship is God’s very special gift to us and we love you dearly. Thank you for everything!

We’re not sure where we’re going to land next, but wherever it is, it will be good. We know it will be good because God only has good things for His children. They’re not always easy things, but they are always ultimately good things.

Thank you for all the love and support that you have shown us as you have followed our ministry and the craziness of this adventure we call life. (we do love an adventure)


Troy & Gwen

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4 thoughts on “The Time Has Come For Us To Go

  1. Oh wow ! What a shock but yet what a Blessing to you both. I didn’t know you two were leaving… but I am so happy for y’alls New life.. I am going to miss walking into elevate and not seeing you two’s beautiful smile.I pray for you two the best in life and many Blessings for you two.. Thank you so much for being at Elevate minestering to us you say.. I could go on and on

    • Sylvia, thank you for your kindness. We made our announcement at the end of both services yesterday.
      It’s been a pleasure knowing you! We will see you again.

  2. So glad to hear there is a possibility of you guys coming to Broken Arrow! Troy, I have a spot open on my hunting lease. Many churches have spots open for the two of you! Teaming with excitement at the possibility of you guys coming up! God bless and guide you, Rome Ingle