The Most Important Day of My Life

I’ve been looking forward to this assignment – writing about the most important day of my life.  The only problem is… I can’t remember it.  I know what it is.  I just can’t remember it.

Day 2 of my 500 Word Challenge (writing assignment) is to write about the most important day of my life.  The reason I can’t remember it, is because I was too young – though I can’t tell you how old I was.  I don’t remember.  So, I’m going to tell you the next best thing.  Realizing what that day meant.

That important day was the day I asked Jesus to come into my heart.  I didn’t fully know what that meant but I did know it meant that I loved Jesus and wanted to please Him.  I think maybe, at such a young age – not even in school yet I’m guessing, I equated loving Jesus with loving my mama and daddy.

I’ve always valued my parents’ thoughts and decisions and never wanted to disappoint them.  If they said it I believed it.  I wasn’t a rebellious child and, for the most part, did what I was told.  Now don’t think I’m writing from a high horse.  I have disobeyed, have made my mistakes and I do have my faults.  Let’s move on…

Because I’ve always believed what my parents told me, I’ve always lived to love Jesus – because they said I should.  They said that’s how you get to Heaven.  They said living for Jesus is how you have a good life.  They said that’s what the Bible teaches and the Bible is true.  They said so.  And I believed them.

Enter the junior high years…

When I got into junior high I remember being upstairs in my room, sitting on my bed and asking myself…. Is this true?  Is God real?  How do I know God is real?  My parents taught me God is real and that I should serve Him and love Him.  But have I been living for Jesus because my parents said I should or because I really believe it for myself?

That was a scary question.  If what my parents taught me wasn’t true… if I couldn’t believe it anymore… then what was true at all?  I’d spent my whole life (all of about 14 years) believing in God.  Now what if He wasn’t real?  What if the Bible wasn’t true?  I loved my parents.  I didn’t want to think they would teach my something false.  But I had to know it for myself.  If I was going to keep loving and serving God I had to do it because it’s what I truly believed.  Not what my Mama and Daddy told me to believe.  I had to know.

I sat on my bed and thought about it.  I asked God if He was real.  I waited…

God didn’t appear to me.  Jesus never showed up in the flesh.  I heard no audible voices.  Nothing in my surroundings changed.  But I had my answer.  I faced that scary moment of confronting what I believed (or didn’t).  And on the other side of that moment… I knew.

What I knew – for myself – was that God is real.  The Bible is true.  I know it and believe it because of the faith He has given me to believe.  And as I grew up, God showed me over and over and over His hand everywhere.  He showed up and answered prayers and provided and did miracles.  He has guided my steps and has saved me from myself at times.  God has always been present in my life.

Jeremiah 29:13 says, “If you seek Me you will find Me if you seek Me with all your heart.”  I sought God for myself and found Him.  He wanted me to find Him.  He wants you to find Him.  If you ask God if He’s there, He’ll tell you.

God has always whispered to me and led me in a good direction.  Mama, Daddy and God told me how to live and I tried to do what they said.  I’ve never tested or tasted the things of the world.  I’ve had no desire to go there.  I’ve never smoked, never tasted alcohol,  never tried drugs, never said a cuss word, and was a virgin when I got married.  There was that time though when I took a piece of bubble gum from T,G&Y.  BUT I REPENTED!  The guilt was more than I could bare!

Do I say these things because I think I’m better than anyone else?  Mercy NO!  BY ALL MEANS NO!  I say that because it’s just as much a miracle of God that He can keep us from harmful things as it is for Him to deliver us from harmful things.  I say that for the parent that’s worried that their child may have no other choice than to get into things that could turn them down a hurtful path – because everybody tries it.  Everybody does it.  No they don’t!

I’m not prefect and I’ve done things I wish I hadn’t.  I’ve been ugly when I should’ve been nice.  I’ve hurt people’s feelings by things I’ve said or done.  I’ve had bad attitudes.  I’ve had wrong thoughts.  I have messed up.  Sometimes I’m a glutton!  I’m as human as the next person.  Real human.  But what gets me beyond all my humanness and pulls me out of my guilt and shame is the most important day of my life.  It’s the day I gave my heart to Jesus.  That day set me on a good path.  The day I decided for myself that Jesus is who He says He is kept me on a good path.

That path led me to my husband, gave me my kids and grandkids and this beautiful life I live.  Without Jesus, my life is meaningless.  I know that with Jesus I can weather any storm, and conquer any mountain.  I can do what seems impossible and spread hope and joy in the world around me.  Jesus means everything to me.

If you don’t know Him, ask me about Him.  I can introduce you.  No matter what you’ve done.  No matter who you are.  Jesus loves us all the same and He wants to show you what a great life He has waiting for you.  Maybe today will be the most important day of your life.

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