The Best Presence You Can Give

Finding the perfect gift is not always easy.  But there is something you can give that people will love 100% of the time… and it’s FREE!  This gift that’s sure to impress is

Your presence.

We’ve all been in conversations where we knew the person we were talking to had checked out.  Their eyes were drifting to the person behind us.  Their ears perked up at the conversation in the next booth.  They couldn’t resist looking at their phone to be 100% present for this one conversation.  Ugh!  Really?  Here’s the ugly truth…

Sometimes it’s the person to whom we’re speaking that isn’t fully present.  And sometimes… it’s us.  (gulp)

I hate to admit it but I’ve done it.  Have you?  I’ve tried to listen to two conversations at once.  That can lead to misinformation – just saying.  My eyes have wondered to the cute outfit the girl across the room was wearing.  And yes.  I have picked up my phone and replied to a text or started checking Facebook while someone was talking to me.  There.  I said it.  I’m sorry!  I’m sorry!  Don’t judge me, please!

I’m changing my ways.

In light of that confession, I’m making a conscious decision.  When our family gathers at our house on Christmas day, as soon as they walk through the door… I’m going to give them a present.  Every one of them.

I’m going to pay attention when they’re talking.  I’m going to engage in their stories.  I’m going to play the games, talk about the memories and live in the moment being fully present!

Gifts are good.  The meal is fine.  Well, the meal is more than fine.  More dessert, please.  But what people really want is you.  Me.  They want us to be present.  Not just there.  Present and engaged.

We want to make memories that we’ll actually remember because we were interacting, talking and paying attention.  Not because we recognized ourselves in a post on Facebook.

The best gifts we can give are gifts from the heart – gifts we give by looking someone in the eyes and listening to their stories.  The gift that says, ” I’m paying attention to you.  You matter to me.  I’m listening.”

Let’s make some beautiful memories this Christmas.  Memories we will cherish for a lifetime because we were there.  Because we were engaged.  Because we were fully present. That’s what will be remembered.  That’s what will be cherished.  That’s what will be your family’s favorite gift of all.  You.

Merry Christmas!


Feature photo by Mandy Jansen

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