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8 thoughts on “Thank You for Subscribing!

  1. For days I have noticed mention of your blog with no intention of reading it. Tonight was different and I am glad I read it. I have a tendency to get all worked up when something beyond my control happens. The key word for me happens to be control. You have reminded me that I have to accept the fact that there are changes in life. I may not always accept them with open arms but need to have an open heart.

  2. Oh I am so thankful that you are doing this!! Lately ive been asking myself what my place in ministry is.. I have been praying for answers and then I find ur blog!! GOD IS AWESOME!!:)

    • Thank you, Lupe! I’m glad it speaks to you. Finding our place is important yet sometimes frustrating. But if we hang in there and keep listening to God… He always comes through with the answers we need. Blessings on your journey and discovery!

  3. Thank you for filling in at our church at the death of our pastor. That’s one transition my church is going through, and you have eased some of the pain and confusion–just by being there , smiling, believing, and showing us that Christian life goes on. Even knowing that God knows best, it’s hard to accept that sometimes we DON’T get what we prayed for, even in faith, believing; and still keep on believing that scripture.
    So many life transitions–each one different for each person and in length and depth. We need the breath of fresh air your speaking and blog breaths into us. Thank God for all those who allow God to use them.

    • Nancy, thank you for your kind words. Troy and I enjoyed being with you and we pray for God’s will for the future of your church. It was a pleasure to meet you!

      Gwen ?