Sometimes… You’ve Just Gotta Cut’em Loose

I asked the beautiful young woman with so much potential a heavy question.  “What is God saying to you?”  Her reply surprised me.

“God is telling me to break up with my boyfriend.  He’s holding me back.  He doesn’t want the same things I want and I can’t move forward with him in my life.”

Wow.  That’s tough.  That’s a bold move to make – especially when it’s not what you want.  But… when God shows you things or people that are holding you back from fulfilling the potential He placed inside you… you’ve got to do the bold thing.  You’ve got to cut’em loose.

The writer of Hebrews put it like this…


It would be nice if everyone we cared about cared about the same things we do.  But it doesn’t always turn out that way.  And when it doesn’t, we have to evaluate what’s important to us.  We have to make an honest assessment of where our life should be going and if, in fact, it is going that direction. If it’s not, something has to change.

Here’s what the Psalmist said…


Whatever is holding you back doesn’t have to be evil.  But if it’s holding you back, it’s certainly not good for you.

Why settle for less than all God has for you when His plans are meant to prosper you, not to harm you, but to give you hope and a future?  We can thank the prophet Jeremiah for capturing that word from God for us.  (Jeremiah 29:11)

Change is hard.  Cutting people or things or places or habits or mindsets out of your life is no doubt difficult.  But God’s word is true.  He does have great  plans for you.  He does have a bright future for you.  He does want to prosper you.  He does.  But if you never make that bold move… you’ll never know.  You’ll never know what might have been.  You’ll never who you could’ve been.

So do the right thing.  Make the bold move.  Cut out what is holding you back and discover the future God has planned for you.  You and the rest of the world will be glad you did.



Feature photo by Ian Stannard

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