Something of the Divine Nature Is About to Happen

I’ve got that feeling again….

It’s the same feeling I got last year when I knew I supposed to go to Springfield, MO for a Network for Women in Ministry Townhall Meeting.  I could’ve watched it online but for some reason, I knew I was supposed to be there in person.  That was the meeting that resulted in my going to Cuba with a group of women from across the country to speak to at the Women’s Conference hosted by Global University Cuba.  It was an incredible event that resulted in God speaking to me very personally through a Cuban woman in a house church.  Amazing.

The house church where the woman spoke a word from God to me.

The house church where the woman spoke a word from God to me.

Now I have that same feeling.

Today I’m boarding American Airlines and heading for the She Speaks Conference for Writers and Speakers in Charlotte, North Carolina.  When I arrive at the airport I’ll get in the car with a woman I’ve never met and ride to the Embassy Suites Hotel in Concord where I’ll room with another complete stranger.  Today I’m looking forward to finally meeting in person, these women and several others I’ve had the pleasure of friending through the She Speaks Facebook Group – one in particular is a Virginian by the name of Michele O’Leary.  Some people you meet and there’s just a connection.  I’d say… a divine connection.  And Michele is one of them.

Not only do I feel this divine connection with Michele.  I feel a divine connection with this meeting. God is going to do something through it.  In it.  By it.  With it.  However you want to say it, something is going to happen.  I know it.

I have an appointment Friday evening with Leafwood Publishing to pitch my book proposal.  I feel no pressure about it because it’s God’s doing not mine.  God told me I have to write the book.  What happens with it after that is God’s to deal with.  I’ll be obedient with my part and I know He’ll be faithful with His.  I’m not saying the “divine” something will occur through this appointment with the publisher.  I’m just saying it’s one of the things on the agenda.

The other things on the agenda for the She Speaks Conference are breakout sessions where I’ll gain insights on public speaking.  I’m looking forward to learning various to things help me in that arena.

I’m looking forward to all the great information I know I’ll receive, but I’m also looking forward to the people I will meet.  I know that divine connections happen in places where people of the same mind, with the same goals and the same love of ministry gather together.

This weekend the Embassy Suites Hotel will be transformed into fertile ground where seeds will be planted, crops will be watered, and harvests will be reaped.  I don’t know on the what end of the spectrum I will be… but I will be there.

I will be there looking for the divine.  I will be there watching for the hand of God move.  Waiting to see what He does in and through my She Speaks sisters.  And I will be yielding my life, once again, to His sovereign plan hoping to encourage someone who needs to hear a cheerful word from a new friend.

Someone asked me the other day if I was flying to North Carolina by myself.  “Yes, I am.” I wish Troy could go with me.  We tried to make it happen but it didn’t work out.  There was a time I would’ve been afraid to travel across the country by myself.  (Mainly because I could never remember what to do at the airport.  Did you know they frown on pocket knives going through the checkpoint?  Once I had to go back to the start of the line and mail that sucker back to myself.  It wouldn’t have been a big deal but it was a gift from Troy.  Some men give flowers.  My husband gives weapons of protection that double as an apple peeler.   Boy, I am way off topic….)


It doesn’t bother me to go by myself because I know there’s something of the divine nature about to happen.  When you know God is working on your behalf it gives you strength.  It gives you comfort.  It give you hope, peace and courage and enables you to take a leap of faith and see where you land.

I’m nobody special and I don’t have a corner on God’s divine market.  I know God’s going to doing something divine for me.  But I also have every confidence that God is going to do something divine for you.  I know that because God is in the business of the divine.  He’s in the business of making a way where there is no way.  He’s in the business of coming through when it looks like everything is falling through.  He’s in the business of showing His children that He’s not forgotten, He’s not unaware and His timing is always perfect.

God is in the business of doing something of the divine nature to show us that He is all-powerful and even when we can’t see the road ahead we can have faith that He knows what’s ahead.  He’s divine.

I don’t know what the day has in store for you but God does.  Maybe it’s something of the divine nature.  Something to reveal God’s love to you, His provision for you or his joy in you because your His child.  Look around you, friend.  Open your eyes.  And find something of a divine nature sent as a special gift from our divine God to you.

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5 thoughts on “Something of the Divine Nature Is About to Happen

  1. Good morning, Gwen! Today is the day! We are going to see God in action soon. We are going to feel His mighty hand at work. Beautifully written, my soul sister in Christ. Can not wait to hug you soon! Safe travels, see you in my neck of the woods.

  2. Kneeling in prayer over your publishers meeting. Sending you love and hugs from Texas. I hope to meet you next year. I’ll be the first to buy your book when it releases! 🙂 xoxo Enjoy your time. May you be overfilled with blessings, Pastor Gwen! xxx

    • Thank you, Carolina. The conference was fabulous and my publisher appointment went well. I’ll be blogging about it soon. I hope we can meet there next year!