Should I Risk It?

Should I risk it?  That’s a big question isn’t?  This question hit me the other when I saw a turtle crossing the highway.

Now there’s nothing odd about a turtle crossing the road.  They do it all the time.  But I thought, that’s crazy!  Does the little guy know that I could’ve squashed him dead?!  Not only that, every other vehicle after me could squash him dead.

When I drove over the turtle I looked in my rear view mirror and saw the turtle still trudging along safely.  I was so glad I didn’t hit the little fella.  But I wondered what the turtle thought.  Was he scared?  Was it all in a days work?  Which may have been how long it took him to cross the road.  I don’t know what the pokey turtle thought, if anything.  But I know what I thought.  He sure is taking a big risk crossing the highway as slow as he is.  He could get hurt.  Or dead!

But he did it anyway.  Evidently, crossing the highway was worth the risk.  I don’t know that he calculated the risk or even knew that there was a risk.  Do turtles know there are cars and trucks on the highway that can smash them?  I often wonder if flies have heart attacks when they narrowly escape the fly swatter – anyway… I do not know what a turtle does or does not know about crossing the road.  But if he asked me I’d make sure he knew it was a big risk.

I read that turtles cross roads because they’re looking for a mate or going to hibernate.  Looking for a mate is risky in itself.  But I guess those are good reasons.  But I still felt sorry for the poor turtle.  It was such risk.

But, you know, sometimes you’ve gotta take a risk to get where you want to go.  Sometimes you’ve got to just head out.  Just start.  Just go.  Just do something.  If you sit on the side of the road you’ll never get across.  Wow! Was that profound or what?!  If you don’t put yourself out there.  If you don’t take a leap of faith.  If you don’t decide that moving forward is worth the risk, you’ll end up living a life of regret. What if?  If only…  I wonder??? That’s a horrible place to be, in my opinion.

Don’t wonder.  Cross the road.  Enroll in school.  Take that job.  Start a family.  Start you business.  Go on vacation.  Write that song.  Restore that relationship.  Do that thing you’ve always wanted to do but were too scared to do!  Isn’t achieving your dream worth the risk?

I want to leave you with a powerful impression.  It’s one of my favorite pins on Pintrest.  I hope you soak it in and take it to heart.  I hope it gives you the last little push to take a risk and go for it.  When you do… write me and tell me about it.  You have an awesome story!


Fly, my friends, fly…

Turtle photo by: Kerry Wixted

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