Propel Women is Right Around the Corner!

The response to our Propel Women Chapter has been fabulous!  When I decided to start Propel Women in our area, I knew I could find women who shared the vision and were intent on developing their gifts, but boy did I underestimate the potential involvement!

We’re mere days from launching our first event and 56 women have registered!  We have 56 women ready to be propelled into their destiny!  Women in ages ranging from 17 to 80, from across the local area, will be joining us this Tuesday evening, February 2nd, as we launch our Propel Women Chapter.

For the next 6 months, we will meet the first Tuesday of each month with the purpose of developing and strengthening personal leadership.  Topics will include:

  • Balance: The Myth of Having it All
  • Decision Making
  • Communication
  • Our Thoughts: Mindset
  • Prayer Life
  • Self-Care

The excitement level for the meeting is high and there is great anticipation for what God will speak into our lives.  We know God is moving and we desire to move right along with Him.

On our return from a missions trip to Cuba last year, Dr. Barbara Caveness-Parks, a women who has had a tremendous impact on my life, said this, “God never wastes talent.”

I can read the list of women registered for Propel Women and say, “Amen to that!”  Women are coming from all walks of life, diverse backgrounds and oh the experience!  We have so much to gain from the study and from each other as we gather around the table, listen and learn.

This is a God-thing, ladies.  I know it is.  God has brought it all about and has provided everything we need to launch.  He’s just that good.

I have to give special thanks to Rita Blumer and Dora Borden for coming onboard and helping put this inspiring event together.  They are true friends with true servant’s hearts.  God blessed me BIG TIME with their friendship!  (and Dora is my sister-in-law – I’m extra blessed)

If you’re in our area and would like to be involved in Propel Women, there’s still time for you to register.  Just email me at for details and I can get you set up.

Next week I’ll share photos and details of our meeting.  I seriously can hardly wait!

God has amazing things for you.  He’s got ideas, plans and a bright future for you.  Walk in your gifts and bless others with those gifts.  That’s the best way to develop into the person God created you to be.

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