People Can’t Believe I’m Doing This

I’ll just say right off the bat… this is a completely unspiritual post. If you’re looking for spiritual encouragement, scroll down a few posts because this one is going to do nothing for you.

I’m writing it, however, because though it may not be spiritual, it may be encouraging to someone.

When you read what I’m doing, some of you will say, “Are you nuts?!”  Some will say, “Don’t do it!” Some will say, “I wish I could do that.”  Some will say, “Go for it!”  And others will say, “Who cares.”

So what am I doing that has my friends thinking I’ve lost it?

I’m letting my hair go gray silver.

“Why would you do that?”, you may ask.

Well, I decided to do it initially because I just wasn’t comfortable putting those chemicals on my hair any longer. They burn. So, I just decided I’m not doing it anymore.

I got the courage to do it because I have a friend in Midland who started it in December and I’ve watched her process.  As I saw Mahira’s silver hair emerge, I thought, “She looks good!” (she’s gorgeous anyway) I like the way her silver is growing out.

And I have another friend whose hair is completely white and she looks amazing! Stefani could have fuscia hair and still be beautiful.

So, I’m giving it a whirl and hoping my hair turns out as lovely as theirs.

There have only been two times that I’ve questioned my decision. Or that it’s been kind of hard. Those times were at the beginning (I last colored in March) when I was in a crowd of young women with beautifully colored hair and there I was with my little gray skunk stripe down the top of my head.

But now, it doesn’t bother me at all.  Believe it or not, I actually kind of like it. It’s growing on me. 😄  (but I still reserve the right to change my mind)

I’ve thought about having low-lights put in it to blend the silver with my brown hair, but… since I don’t mind it I think I’ll just wait it out.

I’ve even thought about cutting it but I like to wear my hair pulled back so more of the silver shows. That may sound weird but if more of the silver is showing then it looks more like my hair is on purpose rather than the skunk stripe that says, “Boy is it time to color your hair!” (I’m sure that doesn’t make sense to you but it’s my logic and makes me feel better)

I’m writing about this whole silver hair process because when I started it, I searched the Internet for articles from other women who were in the process or had completed the process. I wanted to know how long it would take, how they did it and hard it was.  I found some good articles  I’ve done so much research on this, one friend said, “You’re serious about this.”  Of course!  It’s my hair! 😰

I know I’m not the last one who is asking these questions. So, I thought I’d share my experience and hopefully give someone else the courage to go au naturale – if you’re so inclined.

I’m only 3 months into the process but so far… its going well.

I know some of my readers will have absolutely no interest in the “coming out” of my silver. So, you can just feel free to skip these posts. But for those who are curious to know what it’s like to grow out your silver hair… just stay tuned. It may come in handy for you someday.

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3 thoughts on “People Can’t Believe I’m Doing This

  1. Gwen I love white, silver, grey hair. I always pay compliments to women who has let their hair do what it wants to do. Dana is doing it also. Mine shines alot in the sun. Your mom has beautiful hair when she let’s it go . Go for it. Your always beautiful

  2. Hi Gwen!

    I applaud you. I am constantly looking for a shampoo that would make my grays come out more. I love my sprinkling of gray and silver. I wish I had more.

    Enjoy the journey!!