Is A Bazillion Years Enough?

I recently read a Facebook post from my cousin Dana about a quiz that she took that said if she was a Biblical character she would be Esther.  I posted back to her, “Esther is my hero!  I will sit down and visit with her in a bazillion years when I catch my breath from worshiping at the throne of God.”

 My original thought was – “I will sit down and visit with her when I’m through worshiping God”.  But just as soon as I thought it, I thought, “How can you ever be “through” worshiping God?  Even now as I think about it – the day when I bow at God’s throne to begin my eternity of worship, a tremendous sense of awe, appreciation and wonder sweeps over me.  My eyes fill with tears and my heart swells with adoration for the One who has forgiven my sins, called me His own and prepared a beautiful place for me where I will live with Him for all eternity.

How can you ever be “through” worshiping God?  I imagine that in Heaven God’s presence will feel so pure and untouched by evil that we will be in a constant state of awe just to be near Him (without evil present).  I imagine that since God’s presence will be constant, that our worship will be constant.  We will simply live in a state of worship. It will be a part of us and flow from us naturally.  I can’t imagine we could ever be through worshiping Him.  How can you be through worshiping God when you are constantly reminded of His love for you and the fact that He made a way for your eternity to be awesome?

I’m so thankful to have God’s presence here with us on this earth.  It’s a taste of what’s to come.  If we can push through the noise of this world, we can hear His voice.  If we can still ourselves from the busyness of life we can feel He is near.  Being aware of God’s presence on this earth increases my excitement about an eternity in His presence.

I do want to see the courageous Queen Esther who risked everything to save her people.  I do.  But I don’t know how long it will take.  I must first find the throne of God and lay myself before Him in worship for… who knows how long.  But it just may be that when I get to throne of God… I will find the queen still bowing before her King and we will worship together for the next bazillion years… or so.  Just a thought.

All I know is that in this life and for all eternity, I want my worship of my God and Savior to be constant.  In a bazillion years He’ll still be loving me.

In a bazillion years I’ll still be worshiping Him.  

Question: Who are you looking forward to seeing in Heaven? What’s the first thing you think you’ll do?  Please leave your comment below.  Thank you!

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2 thoughts on “Is A Bazillion Years Enough?

  1. As I read the title of your post…Is A Bazillion Years Enough? I thought.. What is this about the National debt/ lol when we talk about big numbers now days, it seems like we are trying to get a visual image of what the National Debt looks like. However , I was relieved as I read your blog that it was about worshiping my Lord and Savior 🙂 For once we are talking about a very large number and I feel NO stress! I feel my soul begin to stir as I read and my spirit says YES!!!!!! I love to visualize a Bazillion years of worship and NO it is not enough 🙂 Thanks for sharing this is a beautiful blog 🙂