Intentional Ministry During the Holiday Season

Do you sometimes find yourself so busy during the Holiday season that you forget things like adding spices to the pumpkin pie, wrapping a child’s gift, or turning on the oven?  Shudder the thought!  

Last year on Christmas day I was so busy preparing the meal, getting out the serving dishes, visiting with family and cleaning up that it wasn’t until the end of the day when I was looking at family photos I noticed I had left my apron on the whole day.  Ugh!  What a great family photo.  It’s no big deal, I suppose, but I did get dressed up for Christmas – only to have covered my cute outfit with my pink and white stripped apron.    

I couldn’t believe I wore my apron all day long.  My Grandma’s used to wear their aprons all day but they were Grandmas.  Well… I am too, but… somehow in my mind this is different.  I don’t know if they forgot or it didn’t matter to them.  But I forgot.  I did not intend to wear my apron all Christmas day but I did.

This year I’ll pay better attention and remove my apron after Christmas dinner is cleaned up and before family photos are taken.  I’m going to be intentional about it.  I find when I’m intentional about things more things get done and in a better way. Being intentional about removing my apron has reminded me of other things I plan to be intentional about.

I’m sharing more about what I learned from wearing my apron all day at Raising An Arrow. Click here to join me.

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