If the Mountain Doesn’t Move… Climb It

I’ve always said, “Everybody wants to see a miracle but nobody wants to need one.”  Likewise… Everybody wants faith but nobody wants to need it.  We don’t want to find ourselves in a situation that requires faith to get through it.  We’d rather not have to use our faith to believe for things that are beyond our control.  Honestly, we’d rather things come easy.

Romans 12:3 says, “…God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.”  So evidently, everybody has faith.  But using it is requires that we trust God to take care of what we can’t.

God challenged me, yet again, to use my faith and believe for something I couldn’t make happen on my own.  And today I’m writing to tell you…

God came through again!

In a blog post last Fall, (Figuring Out the Next Step),  I told you how God answered my prayer to learn how to write a book and how He directed me to Lysa TerKuerst’s Compel Training website, a resource for writers.  The answer to that prayer led to the prayer, “HELP!”

Through Compel Training, I learned about She Speaks, a conference for writers and speakers held in July in Concord, North Carolina.  The minute I read about it, I knew I was supposed to attend.  But I questioned how I was going to make it happen.  Those questions led to doubts.  And somehow I had to plow through those doubts and get to that conference.  Here’s a blog post on overcoming doubts.

One of the doubts I dealt with was the financial investment it would take to attend the conference.  With the conference fee, airfare, hotel, cab and meals, I knew it would cost about $1,700 to attend.   The mountain seemed an insurmountable climb.

I decided it was a climb I had to make so I prayed again and trusted God to get me to the top.  I had $400 I could use to get me started so I paid down on my registration and prayed like the dickens.

Those prayers bore fruit!

Through Compel Training, I met two women also attending the conference who were interested in sharing my hotel room.  Blessing!  (Shared cost and new friends – how much better can it get?)

I had $275 left to pay on my conference registration that was due TODAY (May 5th).  Monday I received a check for a speaking engagement for the amount of $265!  Blessing!  (Troy said he would swing the other $10 bucks. Lol!  In reality, Troy would make anything happen for me – he’s my biggest supporter!)

My She Speaks Conference fund needing $1,700 has miraculously gone from $0 – $1,700 in a few short months.  Answered prayer!

Here’s my point…

When you know what God says to do, and you move forward in faith, God will provide what you need when you need it every step of the way.  You don’t have to know how to make it all work.  That’s not your job.  That’s God’s job.

Your job is to do what He told you to do.  If you take the first step, God will work out the second step.  And the third step.  And every other step after that.


When God shows you the way, put one foot in front of the other and keep walking.  If there’s an obstacle, He’ll move it.  If there’s a mountain, you can climb it.  If you never start, you’ll never know what you and God can accomplish together.  Dust off your faith.  Muster your courage.  And get to walking.  I’m on my way myself.

See you at the top!

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