How To Make Your Days Matter

I’ve always loved the idea of journaling.  Somewhere in a box of nostalgia, I have a journal that I wrote to my boys when they were little.  Like toddler little.  (they’re 25 & 27 now)  If I ever decide to give it to them, I do NOT want to be around when they read it.  I wrote some pretty corny stuff.

The only problem was… I didn’t write enough stuff.  I wrote for probably several weeks then quit.  Why do I do that???

I’ve started so many journals over the years.  But I’ve had a difficult time sticking with it.  The main reason is because once I start writing, I think I have to write every detail of my life.  Every fact.  Every feeling.  Journaling that way takes too long.

You might be thinking right now, “ I have no interest, whatsoever, in journaling”.  But just hang with me.

If you want to make every day matter, then journaling could be one of the most important things you learn to do all year.  Here’s why…

Journaling brings focus.

Have you ever gotten to the end of the day and you realized that you didn’t do anything that really mattered?  I have.  Yep.  I admit it.  I have spent a day or two (or so) in my lifetime and when the day was done, felt like I completely wasted the day.   Then wished that I had it back to do over again.  (never possible)

Life is too short.  There are too many opportunities to seize.  And we have too many God-given gifts placed within us to be wasting days.

God tells the prophet in Habakkuk 2:2, “Write the vision: make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.”  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not suggesting that God commands us to journal.

What I am saying though, is that God has a vision to be carried out.  And for that to happen, it has to be well-understood.  It has to be written down in such a way that someone could grab the vision and run with it.  Writing brings clarity.  It makes you think and articulate what you want.

That’s what God wants you to do with the vision He has given you.  Write it.  Grab it.  And run with it!  How are you going to do that if you don’t bring focus and clarity to the vision and make it happen one day at a time?

I, personally, have had times when I struggled to stay focused.  I struggled to have clarity.  Consistency seemed to allude me.  I’ve had trouble living the vision.

But… I found something that has helped me tremendously!

Simple journaling.  Nothing complicated like what I did years ago.  Something incredibly simple.  Here’s what I do…


I journal two questions.

At the end of the day, I write two questions in my journal.  Here they are…

1.  What did I do today that mattered?

I write the question then I write the answer.  This helps me reflect over my day.  It helps me evaluate whether or not I did anything of lasting value.  Did I share Jesus with someone?  Did I do something kind for someone? Did I add value to anyone’s life?  Did I do what needed to be done in my home?  Did I do something in regards to my vision?  Am I satisfied with how I spent my time?

If I don’t like how my day went after this simple evaluation, I make sure I change that with the answer to the next question.

2.  What will I do tomorrow that matters?

Writing the answer to this question brings focus to tomorrow so I can make sure that I do what matters.

 I don’t want to live on accident.  I want to live on purpose.

I write what I think God would want me to do for someone else.  I write what I need to do to break down barriers that hold me back.  I write something I can do that will help me achieve a goal that I have set for myself.

I just want my days to matter.  Journaling the answer to these two simple questions has been a great help in bringing me focus, clarity and consistency.

If you find that you’re just floating through life.  If you’re getting to the end of the day, or the week, or the month and there’s not much to show for it that mattered… why don’t you give this a try.

Get you a simple notebook, or open a program on your computer.  And at the end of the day answer those two simple questions.  That’s it.  And it only takes a few minutes.

I am confident that if you give it a try, you’ll find that you have more focus, clarity and consistency in making your days matter.

If you’d like more ideas on journaling try this website:

Question: What are your challenges in journaling? What has helped you be more consistent in journaling?  How do make sure every day matters?

You can leave your comments below.  Thanks!


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4 thoughts on “How To Make Your Days Matter

  1. I like your method! Simple and reflective. My past journaling had same results as yours — I gave up. But this year I am doing something different. I am journaling what I am thankful for. Sometimes it is for a ladybug on my windshield, a pretty flower in the garden, or grateful for someone in my life. As I journal the blessings from The Lord I am cultivating a life of gratefulness.

  2. I don’t think it was by accident that I read your blog. I’ve been praying for clear direction and focus in my life. Your words are motivating and challenging. I’m looking forward to your next posts. Thank you