How I Quit Being Annoying and Found My Place

You know that annoying dog that runs all over the house, jumps on the furniture, jumps on you but won’t stay still long enough for you to even pet it when you walk through the door?  I realized something last week… I am that dog.

When we came home from our Texas adventure, I had no place to focus my ministry energy.  I mean, I have this blog and all.  And as much as I love you… I can’t see you, know you and interact with your lives.  I need people.  In-the-flesh people to pour my ministry energy into.  Don’t be offended.  I love and appreciate you.  I do!

Not having a ministry focus, I was like that obnoxious dog running everywhere and nowhere because I had so much ministry energy inside that didn’t have a focused outlet.  God bless my dear brother and sister-in-law.  My pastors.  They put up with my ideas and input and ramblings and I can’t even describe to you what an annoyance I probably was.  And I tried painfully hard not to do it, but ideas would just slip out like water dripping from a leaky faucet that cannot be fixed.  I leaked ideas.  For everyone.  Everywhere.  How annoying.  I am that dog.  

But thankfully, God has given focus to my ministry energy!

February 2nd, a couple of friends and I will launch a Propel Women chapter in our community.  I can’t tell you how elated I am to see this come to life.

The mission and vision of Propel Women is…

“Helping women internalize a leadership identity and fulfill their purpose passion and potential.”  Christine Caine – Founder

That is a mission and vision I can get behind!  When I discovered Propel Women, I was confident this was my ministry focus.  I am passionate about helping women know they can, believe they can and have the confidence to step out and go for it!

People get stuck behind the idea, “I don’t know enough.”  Friend, if I waited until I “knew enough” to get started, I would NEVER get started because I still don’t think I know enough.  But when God says, “Do it.”,  you have to say, “Yes.”  You have to commit.  You have to make some kind of move.  Prepare in some way.  Just start.

There’s this wonderful thing that I’m a huge fan of… OtJT.  Remember that?  On the job training.  That’s exactly what I got when I became a pastor.  On the job training.  God will take what you know, put people in your path who know more and put you in situations to apply what you learn.  With each situation… you know more.  On the job training.

What I’m trying to say is… you have to start somewhere and God will start with what you know and He’ll teach you along the way.  That truth, my friends, is the focus of my ministry energy.  The dog has calmed down.  Gained focus.  And the world around me is relieved.  Did I mention my pastor-brother and sister-in-law are pretty much saints for putting up with me?

If you lack focus, hang on.  Stay persistent.  Stay prayerful.  Stay open.  And try better than I did to not be that obnoxious dog going everywhere and nowhere trying to help everyone but instead annoying the daylights out of everyone.  No one said I’ve been annoying but I think it’s because they’re just too nice.  Bless my heart…

God will give you focus and He’ll give you the confidence you need to step up and step out when the time is right.  Just calm down and be patient.  If you stay faithful, God will open the doors that need open to open, close the doors that need to close and give you the courage to stand up and say, “Let’s do this!” 

If you’re in the Seiling, OK area and would like more information on the Seiling Chapter of Propel Women, visit our Facebook page.

For more information on starting a Propel Women Chapter in your area, visit

Disclaimer: I adore the little dog in the photo.  He’s my parent’s dog Skipper.  He is that dog.

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