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Where do you lead people?  In my last blog post my last line was, “you might be surprised where love leads them.”  The topic of my last post was church and community.

It’s necessary to step outside the church and step into your community.  It’s important to invite your community into your life and be a part of the life of your community.  So when you’re given the opportunity to lead those with whom you enjoy community – those with whom you’ve built a relationship – where do you lead them?

I have a suggestion…

Lead them back to the church.

Remember in the movie, Field of Dreams, when Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) said, “If you build it, he will come.”?  We’ve adopted that to the church and said, If we build it they will come.  And maybe they will.  But what if they don’t?  What then?  Do we just forget about them and assume they know where we are?  They’ll come if they want to.  I think not.

When you step outside your church and into your community… when you invite people into your life… you are making yourself vulnerable, yes.  But you are also building trust and credibility with people.  You’re building a relationship with someone who may allow you influence to speak into their lives.  When that happens… speak good things.  Speak encouragement.  Speak life.  Speak knowledge.  Speak Jesus.  And lead them.

Lead them to where you’ve received encouragement.  Life.  Knowledge.  Wisdom.  Salvation.  A fresh touch of the Holy Spirit.  Lead them to a spiritual community that will help them walk through this life with Jesus.

Building relationships outside the church is necessary.  But it’s also necessary to lead people to a place where their relationships can grow beyond you.  Where do you lead them?  I have a great idea…. Lead them back to church.


Meet a few of my girlfriends at church. We laugh and eat cake.

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