Developing 5 Daily Disciplines Part 2

Call me a dork but… I like to read manuals.  Last week I bought a new Crock Pot and when Troy loaded it in the car, I ripped open the box to pull out the manual.  I could hardly wait to read it.  I shouldn’t confess such dorky things.   

The last time we moved, I went through my manuals folder and realized that I still had about every manual for everything we’d ever purchased.  I had manuals for lawnmowers, irons, stoves, and blenders that we didn’t even own anymore.

What, you may ask, does my love of reading manuals have to do with my Daily Disciplines?

Daily Discipline #2 – Bible Reading

Make sense?  When I purchase something, I read the manual because I want to know how it works.  I keep the manual because I want to know how to fix it if it doesn’t.

And that’s exactly why one of my daily disciplines is reading the Bible.  I want to know how life works and I keep reading the Bible so I can figure out how to fix it if it doesn’t.

Reading the Bible does that for me.  The Bible shows me how to live and helps me know how to fix what needs fixing in my life.

I want so much to please God and live how He wants me to live.  So, the best way I know how to figure that out is to read the Manual He gave us that teaches us how to live.

The Psalmist put to words exactly how I feel…

“Teach me your decress, O Lord;

I will keep them to the end.  I’m trying.

Give me understanding and I will obey your instructions;

I will put them into practice with all my heart.

Make me walk along the path of your commands,

for that is where my happiness is found.  So true.

Give me an eagerness for your laws

rather than a love for money!

Turn my eyes from worthless things,

and give me life through your word.

Reassure me of your promise

made to those who fear you.

Help me abandon my shameful ways;

for your regulations are good.

I long to obey your commandments!

Renew my life with your goodness.”

Psalm 119:33-40 (NLT)

What a beautiful way to express one’s desire to know God’s word – His thoughts and intentions.

Psalm 110:105 says, “Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.”

Everyday we have decisions to make.  If we infuse our minds with God’s word, when those decisions need to be made, we’ll have a greater source of knowledge upon which to draw.  My own thoughts and intentions aren’t always the best or the wisest.  But God’s are.

That’s why reading His word is so importnat to me.  I need to tap into God’s wisdom, knowledge, thoughts and ideas.  What is going on in my own head is definitely subpar.

So, everyday after breakfast I sit down with a hot cup of green tea and read my Bible.  I finished my One Year Bible Reading Plan from YouVersion in 6 months.  Once I get going I don’t want to stop.  I just finished a couple of devotions on YouVersion, too.


When I study and write I sit at the desk. When I’m just reading I sit on the sofa.

But there’s nothing like opening up a book!  I love books!  A printed Bible is so inspiring.  When I sit down to read my Bible I ask God to show me what He wants me to know that day then I highlight the verses that speak to me.  I also make notes in the margins of my Bible of insights that God shows me.


I got this Thompson Chain Reference Bible for my 18th birthday. I can find anything in it!

I love the stories of the Old Testament.  The heart’s cry of the Psalms.  The wisdom of Proverbs.  The conversations with Jesus.  The life of Jesus.  The action of the Holy Spirit and the church in the book of Acts.  And the instructions of the Letters.  And, of course, the Revelation of Heaven.  There is so much good stuff in the Bible!  It’s so alive and current.  It’s amazing how a book written so long ago can be exactly what we need today.  It is truly God’s inspired Word that transcends time and culture.

I know some people like to figure things out on their own and they don’t like to ask for directions and reading a manual is just not gonna happen.  But this is manual everybody should read.

If you want to live life to the fullest of God’s expectations, reading the Bible is how to learn how to do that.  That’s why reading the Bible is a daily discipline for me.  It’s my inspired Manual to tell me how to experience the best life possible and live it for His glory.

I want to know God and please Him.  It’s as simple as that.  So I’ve established this discipline with purpose.  Not as a rule.  Not as a ritual.  But I’ve disciplined myself to read God’s word… with a purpose.

Daily Discpline #3 next time.  = )

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