Change Your Course with a Legal Pad and Pen

Do you ever feel unsettled and just kind of bothered but you don’t know why?  A few years ago I found something that helps me unravel the reason for those feelings and then work to conquer them.

This appraoch is actually the newest addition to my Daily Disciplines and the one I’m still trying to nail down. I’ve done it for years on occasion but I’m trying to be more consistent at it.

Daily Discipline #5 – Writing

To sit down and write takes time so I’m learning to carve out the time to write. In a beautiful leather bound journal, I write thoughts, inspirations, goals, gripes and dreams. What you can’t or shouldn’t write on Facebook, you can write in your journal.



My friends from Restoration Church gave me this beautiful journal to write down my adventures in Texas.

I also write sermons and devotions. I write this blog. And I’m just a few chapters in to writing a book. What writing does is… it makes you find words to express yourself. That’s not always easy.

Several years ago, I was having a day where I just felt unsettled. I didn’t know why, exactly.  I just felt heavy. Burdened.  Dare I say… stressed?

I wanted to figure out why I was feeling so unsettled.  So I got a yellow legal pad and pen and laid down on my bedroom floor. On one page, I wrote down everything I could think of, no matter how trivial, that was bothering me. I wrote line after line.

Then on another sheet of paper, I wrote down everything I could think of, no matter how trivial, that was good. I wrote line after line.

The act of writing these things down didn’t change a thing at the moment. But it did force me to put into words what was bothering me. Just by pinpointing what was bothering me, I had a guide to begin to work to knock those things off the list.

Writing it down also showed me that I had a whole lot more going right than wrong. That was incredibly reassuring to me.

Do you see why daily disciplines are so important?  Daily Disciplines are your guide.  They’re your strength. Better put… Your daily disciplines are the avenue through which real change and progress can take place in your life. Without them you’re left to coast. To wander. And we all know we don’t get very far by coasting and wandering.

I’m sure you have your own Daily Disciplines. But if a few of mine have inspired you, I encourage you to pick up one or two.  Or five.  They may be just what you need to change course and move forward.

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