Change Is A Comin’

Today I find out a few more details about what’s around the corner for Troy and me.  Whatever it is… it means change.

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I see life as a puzzle.  And each change, each decision, each new adventure (fun or not) is just another piece of the puzzle that makes up this wonderful thing we call life.  When your life is over, the completed scene will be a beautiful picture that was created by God.  (IF you follow Him.  And trust me – that’s the only way to get all the pieces to fit correctly)

We’ve been waiting all year to find out what the next piece of our puzzle is going to look like.  Troy will find out in a meeting today and when he gets home he’ll tell me all about it when he finds out he better text me immediately.  I’m patient  I’m curious.

When we came to West Texas with Troy’s job, we knew the job would last about a year or two.  Well, the job is coming to a close.  We’re just waiting to find out exactly when.  To be honest with you… I’m SOOOO ready to find out!

I’m very good at waiting.  I’m fairly good at waiting.  But the closer we get to finding out what’s next, the more anxious I get.

Whatever we do, it will mean our life as RV dwellers is coming to a close.  (not that RV dwelling is that bad – sometimes – like now – you just have to turn up some noise in the RV to drown out the unpleasant conversation that is happening at the RV right behind you – and sometimes you can’t turn it up loud enough – okay I’m getting side-tracked here)


I’m not worried.  I’m not scared.  I’m just ready.  Really ready.  I’m ready to know what’s next.

It’s silly, really, to worry about what’s next.  It’s okay to wonder.  And be curious.  It’s just silly to worry.

When we worry about things, it shows that our focus is all wrong.  Worry means we’re focusing on ourselves.  We worry because we don’t know what to do.  We worry because we don’t know what’s next.  But what’s next isn’t really our decision is it?  Isn’t that God’s business?

So… if we keep our focus on God, worry shouldn’t even enter the picture (remember, we’re making a puzzle here)

When we keep our focus on God, we’re strengthened by trust.  We’re encouraged by trust.  We’re calm when we trust God.

Maybe you’ve got change a comin’.  Maybe you’re right in the middle of change and you don’t know what the next step is.  I want to help.

Let’s make a deal.

How about we get through this together.  You and I will keep our focus on God and trust Him.  Not ourselves and worry.

We’ll remind ourselves that God knows what’s next even though we don’t.

We’ll remind ourselves that God is the One who designed this life of ours.

We’ll remind ourselves that God is not surprised by whatever change occurs in our life.  In fact, He’s way ahead of the game and He’s calling the shots.

Doesn’t that instill trust in you?  It sure does me.

So I say we leave worry behind.  I say we trust God and watch what He will do.  I say we pray for each other.

God has never let me down.  He’s never been caught off-guard.  I know that God will direct my future and I’m confindent that God will direct yours too.  You pray for me.  And I’ll pray for you.

Just don’t be afraid.  And don’t worry.  Trust Him and watch what God will do.  That’s my plan.

Let me know how it turns out for you.  If you follow this blog… you’re sure to find out how it turns out for me.  I know it’s going to be good!  So… here we go!

Let’s do this!

Photo by PictureWendy

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