7 Observations that Will Help You Reach the Next Level

Do you think God asks more of you than you’re capable of?  Do you think God has given you all need to accomplish His plan for your life?  Does it sometimes feel like the perfect picture of your life is one of a dog chasing his tail, getting dizzy but going nowhere?

I understand.  I’ve chased my tail more than once.  And what I know is… it makes me dizzy.

Getting to the next level may seem overwhelming.  It may seem like you’re going nowhere.  But there’s a parable in the Bible that sheds some light on how to quit running in circles and actually attain that next level.  Let’s take a look at it…

Matthew 25:14-30 tells us about a Master who was going on a trip and he entrusted three of his servants with some talents.  When he got back from his trip he would check to see what they did with what he had given them.  Read the story then we’ll discuss it.  (I’ll get another cup of tea while you finish)

All done?  Wasn’t that a good story?

Here’s what we can take away from the story…

  1. The Master gave each servant talents “dividing them in proportion to their abilities”.  – God will never give you anything that you do not have the ability to mature in.  And He will never give you more than your abilities can handle.  shareasimage-4
  2. The Master’s intention was for the servants to increase. – God wants you to grow.  It is not his intention for you to be in the same place next year (or next month) than you are right now.
  3. The Master gave them plenty of time to see an increase. – God is not unreasonable.  He is generous and gracious with time but He does have a timeframe.  Don’t waste time or you are sure to miss great opportunities because you weren’t ready.
  4. The servants who used what they were given made it increase and they were given more.  – If you want more from God, ask yourself if you’ve been faithful with what He’s already given you.  If you have, He’ll give you more.  (pretty simple, really)
  5. The servant who only maintained what he had lost what he had because he was too lazy to do the work required to see increase. – Don’t let laziness be the reason you don’t get to the next level.  If you have a hard time getting there, let it be because you’re fighting for it.  Not because you’re too lazy to get there.  (ouch! I’ve been guilty)
  6. The Master said the lazy servant should have at least done something! – God is not pushy.  He knows you’re trying to get there.  Just make sure each day you do something that moves you to the next level.  Doing nothing gets you nowhere but feeling guilty.
  7. The Master said because the two servants increased what He had given them, He was giving them more. – God rewards faithfulness and hard work.  He wants to see you at the next level.  And He rewards you when you choose to move out of your comfort zone to get there.


So how do you reach that next level? You use what God has already given you.  If you do, He will increase you to the next level.  That’s the way He works.  You move.  Then He moves.    

If you want to get to the next level (of anything), ask yourself this question, “Am I being faithful with what God has already given me?  Am I doing what I know to do to the best of my abilities?  If you are, then hang on.  God has an open door  just around the corner for you.  He’s getting ready to take you to another level.  He’s about to bring the increase.  It’s His Word and He’s faithful to it.

So use what God has given you.  Do what you know to do.  And leave the rest to God.  God will get you to the next level if you’re faithful where you are now.


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