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Tips for Not Giving Up

Don’t you love people who when you get around them you go away inspired, recharged and ready to conquer whatever the day holds?  I have more than one person like that in my life.  But let me tell you about the one that inspired this post and Tuesday’s What Did God Say Facebook LIVE Video…

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 7:45 a.m., my sister-in-law Dora Borden and I meet up at Haworth Transformation Center to convince our 40-something bodies they can do anything we push them hard enough to do because we are strong and determined not to grow feeble as we age.  Pray we succeed.  

After we’ve done our strength training with our group, any given workout will end like this…

We walk side by side on our treadmills with a TV program we ignore playing in front of us.  We talk about last week, this week and next week.  That takes about 30 minutes.  Now we’re hungry but we’re not through talking.  So…

We make our way down to the Crooked Arrow Cafe to scarf down 2 eggs over-medium, ham and wheat toast while we talk about anything that may be bothering us or things we’re trying to figure out.  We quote scripture.  We share testimonies.  We go on about our kids and grandkids.  We encourage one another.  By this time we look at our watches and say, “I better let you go.  I know you’re busy and have things to do.”  One of us will pay and we’ll head out the door.

We’ll get to our rides and remember that one thing we were going to say then stand outside the cafe for another 30 minutes and talk about it. People will go in the cafe, eat their breakfast, come back out and we’ll still be there talking.

Now, I know what you may be thinking – Who in the world has so much time to spend talking?!  Well, we make time.  Our schedules are flexible and we make time to spend with each other and here’s why…

By the time I’ve spent a strength training session, a walk on the treadmill, breakfast and a parking lot conversation with Dora…if I was down in the dumps I wouldn’t be any longer.  If I was doubtful my doubts would be gone.  If I was discouraged I would be encouraged.  If I was confused I would at least be on the path to clarity. If I was tired I would be energized.  If I needed a listening ear or a helping hand I know that my sister would do everything she could to help me with anything I needed.  Who wouldn’t want to make time for someone like that?  She’a a tremendous blessing in my life.


Dora is someone with whom I stay connected.  Not just because we’re sisters (by marriage – a minor detail) but because staying connected to her helps me maintain a strong connection with God and my purpose in life.  If she was to see me start to veer off course she has the permission to speak correction and truth into my life.  If she was to see me withdraw and isolate myself, she has the freedom to barge into my life and say pull yourself out of it, Sister!

She has those liberties wth me and I have those liberties with her.  Why is that important?

Because we need people we’re closely connected to who will help us on this Christian walk.  They help us navigate the storms of life and they celebrate the victories with us, too.


Talking to Dora inspires me.  She keeps me motivated and on track.  Staying connected with Dora is important to me and I’m a better person for it.  Being connected to people such as Dora is vital to my spiritual and emotional health but true vitality of life requires even more than having a close friend.

In Tuesday’s What Did God Say Facebook LIVE Video, we’re going to discuss 5 Ways to Stay Inspired.  I’ll start the conversation with 5 ways but I’m sure you have your own ways and tons of inspirational thoughts to share.  So join the conversation!

Let’s talk about 5 Ways to Stay Inspired Tuesday, September 20th @ 8:00 PM (CST).

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4 thoughts on “5 Ways to Stay Inspired

  1. Love this, Gwen! We all need people in our lives to help us grow closer to Him. Even if they live all the way in OK. Miss and love you!