4 Barriers to Reaching Your Potential Pt 4

How organized would you say you are?  Very organized?  Not in the least bit organized?  Somewhere in between maybe?

The other day Troy was changing the oil in the car and he needed a funnel.  So, he made a funnel out of an oil container.  (he’s very resourceful) I said, “I’m sure we have a funnel.  There’s got to be one in this cabinet.”  When I found the funnel… he was shocked.  
If you’re an organized person, you know where the funnel is.  If you’re not an organized person, you usually go buy another funnel.  (later on you find 6 more funnels like the one you just bought)
If you have a hard time getting organized, chances are, you’re drowning in clutter.  Having a life and home that is disorganized and cluttered can be very overwhelming.    It can be a real problem.
Clutter causes you to
  • buy things you already have
  • miss appointments you need to make
  • waste time repeating things you’ve already done
  • miss out on entertaining friends because you’re too embarrassed to invite people into your home
  • and on and on…
In this post I have one simple tip that will set you on the path to getting organized in 15 minutes.
That’s right…15 minutes!
Here it is…
  • Focus on ONE area of your home. (say the bedroom)
  • In that ONE area, focus on ONE thing (say the dresser)
  • In that ONE thing, focus on ONE section (say a drawer)
  • Now, take 15 minutes and go through it.
  • Get rid of what you don’t want.  Put away what you do.
That’s it.  One room.  One dresser.  One drawer.   15 minutes.
Who can’t do that?  Honestly, you can take 15 minutes in a day and get rid of clutter and put things where they go.  When the 15 minutes is up… go to work, take a shower, go to school, cook your meal, go shopping, whatever you need to do.  If you didn’t finish… tomorrow… go back to that drawer and work on it for 15 more minutes.
I’m telling you, this works.  The problem people have is that they get overwhelmed with ALL there is to do to get organized.  They are so overwhelmed they don’t know where to start.  If that’s you, now you know where to start.
Start in one room, with one thing and one section for 15 minutes.  Just think what progress you can make if you do that everyday until that one section in that one thing in that one room is done!  You can do this!
You have awesome gifts and talents that God has placed within you.  But if you’re overwhelmed and bogged down because of a disorganized and cluttered life, you just may miss amazing opportunities that God wants to bring your way.  Why?  Because you’re so overwhelmed with your own cluttered life that you may not notice them when they come your way.
Getting organized can be a long process.  But don’t worry about that.  Just think about what one thing you can do today.
Don’t let anything hold you back from reaching your full potential in Christ.  Especially not something that you can do something about today.  In 15 minutes.
Question:  What is your most helpful organizing tip?  What is your greatest hinderance to getting organized?