4 Barriers to Reaching Your Potential Pt 3

Another barrier to reaching your potential is distractions.  I’m not just talking about distractions from other people.  If you’re like me… you can distract yourself! 

I can be working on my blog with a good train of thought and notice I have a hangnail.  The next thing you know, I’m up getting a nail file.  On my way to get the nail file I see the bottles of water that need put in the fridge.  I open the fridge to put the bottles of water in and see the left-over tuna fish so I make a sandwich.  If I don’t gather my focus I’ll be all over the place and get nothing done.

I’ve had to purposefully work at reigning in my focus and not let things distract me.  It’s not always easy… but it’s possible.  

If you have trouble staying focused, here are a few things you can do that will help.  They help me.  Maybe they’ll help you.  

Mentally prepare yourself
I find that I have to mentally prepare myself to sit down and write.  Before I get to work I like to listen to a podcast or watch a video that inspires me toward what I’m doing.  It just helps bring focus to the task.

Limit interruptions 
Limiting interruptions from emails, phone calls and text messages by turning off notifications for awhile can help you stay focused.  

Take a timeout
I know that I am only going to be able to put my mind to something for so long.  It’s just the way I’m wired.  When my mind begins to wander and I’m jumping from one thing to the next… it’s best if I just take a break.  

I do a lot of my work at the library since the internet at the RV Park where we live is… well… inferior.  Since no food or drinks are allowed inside, about every hour I go outside  and drink a bottle of water and sometimes eat something I’ve brought.  The change of scenery does me good.

When I get back to work, often something difficult I was working on becomes clear.  A short break can really help you see something you were missing before.  

I’m still working on the distraction issue.  Some weeks I have laser focus and accomplish a lot.  Other weeks… not as much.

Regardless, though, I keep at it.  We have to.  If we didn’t we’d never get anywhere.  And we’re going somewhere, aren’t we?  God has given us a mission – a divine plan.  And it’s important that we stay focused, stay the course and move forward.  We can do this.  Let’s keep the vision in front of us, distractions behind us, and keep pressing on.   

Question: What are some tips that help you stay focused?

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