This Could Get You to Your Goal

New year.  New goals.  Right?  We’re 8 days into the new year.  So… how’s it going for ya?

If you’re having trouble staying focused on your goals, try this…

Get A Word

Ask God to give you a word that describes what He wants you to accomplish this year.  I know you ask God.  I know you don’t just start the year without considering what it is God wants you to do.  Of course, we ask God.  Pretend I haven’t ever forgotten that all  important factor.  

When you ask God what goals He has for you, ask Him to give you a word.  One word.  This word summarizes your task for the year.  Want to know my word?


That’s my word.  The word “others” gives me laser focus with what I want to accomplish this year.  I have a passion to focus on what I can do to help others.  To teach others.  To mentor others.  To encourage others to step out in faith and do brave things for God.

But also…

I have a hunger to learn from others.  Become more aware of others.  And develop new friendships with others.  There is so much beyond ourselves that others can teach us.

For me, this year must be about others.  I’m always honored that others would invest in me.  And I, in turn, cherish the opportunity to take what I’ve learned and invest in others.

My word… my focus… others.

What is your goal?  Ask God for a word to give you laser focus.  A word that summarizes what you want to accomplish this year.  Then post that word around your house.  Put it on you screensaver, your background, your bathroom mirror.  Do something where your word is visible and frequently seen.  Keep focused throughout the day and especially in prayer on the word God gives you and I believe God will do amazing things in you and through you by the close of 2016.

Proceed with focus.  And do brave things.



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