Pray About the Small Stuff

I’m comforted by the fact that God knows exactly how much we can take.  Then when we’ve built up the endurance we need (that must be the purpose – right?), He steps in and saves the day.  He’s so good that way!

Last week I had a bit of a meltdown.  (that’s what my grandkids have when things don’t go their way)  It was a minor (or major) pity party.  It was quite selfish, actually, and I knew it.  That’s what bothers me so much.  I hate it when I’m selfish.

I’m even embarassed to tell off on myself but… that’s what I do.  I’m not good at hiding my flaws and quirks anyway so I may as well share a teachable moment and get some good out of it.

I have been wanting to go somewhere.  Anywhere.  I want to take a trip.  I’d like a vacation.  I want to see something different.  I want to go somewhere and shut my brain off for a while and just experience something new.  Wouldn’t that be nice?!

It’s a small thing, I know.   Petty really.  But…. that’s the beauty of the whole thing!  God cares about every small thing you care about.  He cares about things that may even be petty in someone else’s eyes.  But… if it matters to you, it matters to God.  Well…

I was telling God about how I wanted to go somewhere and nothing was working out.  NOTHING.  I would think of something but as I would plan it, it just didn’t feel right.  I was getting nowhere but frustrated.  Then I was reminded of this scripture.


I told God I was going to quit complaining about not going anywhere and just leave it with Him.  If I didn’t go anywhere that was fine.  Because if God wasn’t going to lead us, I didn’t want to go anyway.  Well… (here’s the good part)

The very next day (the day after I promised to quit complaining – and meant it – big key here) a friend called me and said, “Gwen, do you want to go to New York?”

“Do I?!  You have no idea how much I would LOVE that!”

She said, “We’ve been invited to go back and speak at the retreat up there.”  (we spoke at this retreat a few years ago)  She told me the dates and… it didn’t look good.

“Well, that’s not really a time when Troy can take off work.  But, I believe that this is of the Lord so I’ll talk to him and we’ll see what God does.”  As it turns out… (because God is amazing and awesome and a miracle-worker)

Troy was able to get off work and we were able to get all the details lined out.  So, thanks to God, we’re going to speak at the retreat in Sept!  I love the church up there.  I love the people there.  I love the sights.  I love, love, love everything about it!  (but I couldn’t live there – I’m way too country)  Anwyay… God is SO nice to me!

Why do I tell this selfish story on myself?  (that’s how it feels – selfish)

Because, I want you to see that God cares about any and everything that’s going on in your life.  I didn’t want time away JUST to see something different.  My brain was about to explode.  I have been working on some things that have taken me out of my comfort zone and my mind has been on overload.  (you may have picked that up from previous posts)

What helps me recharge and refocus is a change of scenery.  It’s not selfish really.  It’s necessary.  Everybody needs a break.  But, God knows how much we can take and how much endurance and dependence on Him we need to build up before He answers our prayers.  There’s a reason for it.  There really is.

The reason is that God wants to be a part of every part of your life.  He wants to show you that He wants to be involved in the details. (the devil’s not in the details – God is – if you let Him)  God has divine appointments waiting in the details.  God has someone for you to encourage or someone to encourage you.  He has opportunities and options to consider.  He just has to get you in the right place at the right time.  That means letting God take control of all your steps.  He’s ordered them.  He’s planned every one of them.

Philppians 4:6 says we should pray about everything.  

I take that scripture to heart.  I pray about all things big and small and God hears me.  He’ll hear you too.

So, be patient.  Be prayerful.  Endure and watch what God will do!

 QUESTION:  How have you seen God answer prayer lately? 

Featured photo by Greg Westfall

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